About Us

SilkWords offers short, interactive romance and erotica in an upscale reading environment. Blurring the line between fiction and gaming, our site presents high quality romance that allows our readers to choose how stories proceed.

The company was founded in July 2013. The seed for SilkWords was planted during a conversation about the future of video games. Our burning question was, “What’s in it for women?” (Who make up a third of video gamers in the US, by the way.) Typical video games are action oriented, with lots of fighting, and often lack plot and character development. That’s great for some gamers, but we immediately saw the potential for offering a different experience. Besides that, many women are incredibly busy, juggling jobs, family, and outside activities.

So we came up with the idea of merging elements of romantic fiction (the most popular fiction genre) with elements of gaming, and SilkWords was born — a “choose your own” type of short story venue aimed at adult women. A place for smart, busy, adventurous women to unwind and have fun.